My favorite baby products

The tricky thing about buying baby products is  that there are 50 million choices for everything.  There’s also something out there for almost every situation and problem that can help make life with baby easier.  So you spend money on lots of random baby products that people swear by to be the most amazing thing ever.  Unfortunately, like most things, every baby has their own preferences.  Having said that, I still have my favorites that I think is worth it for all new parents to get.  Haha yes, I just contradicted myself.

Here are my top 5 baby stuff for the earlier months!

1) Smartphone


This is a picture of me from Halloween a couple years ago before I had a real iPhone.

Haha, ok so I guess this isn’t a “baby” product.  It’s a somewhat sad reality, but sometimes I feel like my phone is an extension of my body.  Aside from taking pictures and videos daily and finding useful baby apps like ones that keep track of your baby’s feeding/sleep/wet diapers, I was also able to quickly look up answers to my endless questions as well as text my mama friend in the wee hours.  While I would feed Joyful, I would be typing questions with my free hand….like “why is my baby only sleeping 30 min?”, “why does my baby wake up as soon as I put her down?”, “is it ok that my baby poos during every feeding?”.  Looking back, I realize some of the questions were a bit silly, but thanks to Google, I never felt dumb asking such questions because there was always someone out there wondering the same thing.

2) Woombie


Doesn’t it look like Joyful is in a cocoon?

Most babies in the first couple months of life enjoy being swaddled.  (Side note to soon-to-be parents: read the “Happiest Baby on the Block” or watch this video  and be amazed).  Jacob and I would practice our swaddles, but the Woombie made it so much easier.  We liked it better than other swaddle products because she could still move her arms a bit but not enough to startle herself and wake up.

3) Rock and Play


There are so many rave reviews on this product.  Lots of people like to use this to sleep their newborn in the first months because of the slight tilt and confined, yet comforting space.   Joyful would take naps in the Rock and Play or just hang out in there.  It wasn’t until recently, at nearly 7 months when somehow she got herself out of the belt (twice!), that I realized it’s probably time to put it away.

4) Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

It’s a very simple toy that plays classical music with lights but it’s quite magical.  I use it most when Joyful starts to cry in the car and it buys me a little more time of quiet before she starts up again.  I use it a lot at work with little ones too and distressed babies will stop crying for a little bit and become mesmerized with the lights and music.

5) Ergobaby Carrier


Here I am with a mama friend “ergo-ing” our babies to sleep at a wedding (yes, we have made “ergo” into a verb).

There are tons of baby carriers out there, so it’s hard to know what’s best but the Ergo has become a favorite.  If I could, I think it would be fun to try out all the different baby carriers.  Because of my gracious friends, I started off with a Moby Wrap, a Bjorn and a sling.  A Moby is nice because it’s 100% cotton and wraps your baby so snug against your body.  Unfortunately, I could never get it on just right for it to feel comfortable (its basically one really long piece of fabric you wrap around yourself and the baby).   I’m hopeful that I will be more comfortable using it with my next baby because I think the idea of it is really nice.  The sling is also a nice option and makes me feel hip.  When I use it, I feel like I need to be a fashionable cute girl living in Cali or a hip New Yorker strutting down the street showing off my cute baby.  But, I rarely feel like that…mostly because I would rather wear stretchy drawstring pants.  The two I have used the most are the Bjorn and Ergo.  She loves being in the Bjorn when I take her grocery shopping or go for a walk around the neighborhood.  The Ergo is the one carrier I ended up buying after seeing people use it and on people’s FB posts.  It’s nice because you can carry her in the front, side, or back and much of the weight rests on your hips.  It has also helped us to put her to sleep when we are out or if she is having a particularly rough night falling asleep.

What baby products do you have that you don’t think you can live without?

P.S. Today Joyful is 7 months, so I leave you with a picture of her in her jams!  (check out older posts to get the scoop on this story)


She’s so cooperative with mommy’s crazy ideas.  Here she would be saying, “Mom!  Can’t you see, I can barely straighten out my arms and legs?!”


One thought on “My favorite baby products

  1. Love reading ur entries. I can totally hear ur voice. Lol one day Joyful will come to Cali to meet her Cali emo hohoho. Miss u armadillo!!!!

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